[SOLVED] How to have MIDI Velocities show on Event Display?


I think I actually saw some video where someone was doing this but can’t be sure… Anyhow I would like to see MIDI Events on the MultiTrack view just the way I see them when opening up a MIDI Event to some editor. Well, as default you can see the MIDI notes colored by velocity (inside the editor) and that is currently what I want in the Event/Multitrack view also, but can it be done?

Currently I see only the constant gray for all notes (in Event/Multitrack window), but I don’t want to open up the editor to see each notes’ velocities.

Can you help?

Oh yeah, noticed right away that “Edit-in-Place” view is one way of doing this. It’s enough for me, but if anybody knows another way please let us all know.

Actually that Edit-in-Place is JUST what I wanted :laughing: Funny how you first write a post after trying something out for 20 minutes and just after posting, you find the solution :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope this helps others too!