[Solved]How to indent the first staff line.....

Sorry if this has been answered. I tried searching the forum without result.

Anyway, I have a piece that has the word ‘Piano’ in the title so having the words labeling the staves (as Pianoforte for the first line and P.F. for subsequent lines) seemed superfluous. So i wanted to remove those names and at the same time preserve the first line indentation. I thought, as a first approximation, that I could place spaces in the “Singular Full Name” space within the “Editing Instrument” dialog and that this would move the first line of music to the right (in effect an indentation). This didn’t work (see screenshot: CompositeOne_B.jpg ).

As a second attempt, I thought I would insert a frame break and go from there. This didn’t work either (see screenshot: CompositeTwo_B.jpg).

Clearly, I’m missing something fundamental. Any ideas?



Did you try, in setup, layout options, staves and systems page, indent first system of flow ?

Hope this helps.

thanks. that worked.

this is where a complete manual would help…

Dorico team are really aware of that, and we know it will come in due course. But honestly, I like the idea of this forum and us folks helping each other, the community. Your thread’s title is perfect, it will help whoever does a search on this topic (+dorico +indent). I’d rather have the whole team working on the update with a lot of great improvements !
LaTeX users have that philosophy, and it’s magical, because all you have to do is search in the forum to get your answer, I never had any manual and I think XeLaTeX is really brilliant (and sooo much more powerful than any word processor everybody knows and uses) — I hope Dorico will be the equivalent for music engraving.

I have the opposite problem: For unclear reasons (although I’m sure there is one), if I try to make a cello part (instrumental layout), the last stave isn’t right-justified properly, but stops quite close to the left-hand edge. I can drag the end bar-line back to the proper position, but this leaves me with a very strange looking last bar. Is there another way? Note that there is an “indent first line” option (mentioned in this thead), but as far as I can see there isn’t one for the last line (?). The problem only occurs for my cello part, and reproduces if I try to make a new lay-out…very odd.

Layout Options > Note Spacing

There’s an option there to justify the last system if it’s x% full. I’m not in front of Dorico right now so I can’t remember exactly what it is you need to do here, but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to set it to be the opposite of the way it’s currently set.

Thanks, that should be it. But … ehm, I can’t find it. Would you mind pointing it out next time you’re in front of Dorico (no rush!).


Terrific. THanks!