[SOLVED] How To Select and Delete/Move Multiple Same Notes In A Track

I loaded a MIDI file created on my XF8 into Cubasis. It had 8 tracks, 3 of which were percussion/drums. No problem loading and opening the file in Cubasis and separating the tracks. However, some of the notes in the drum tracks which were assigned to a specific sound (symbol, tom, bass, crash, etc) in the original XF8 track now appear as the same note in the related Cubasis track, but the same note in the Cubasis track is assigned to a different sound than it was in the XF8 track. For example, a hi-hat sound from XF8 now triggers a woff woff sound in the related Cubasis track. This song is 132 measures and the now wrong note appears over 200 times in the track. What I want to do is in the MIDI editor select all 200+ same “wrong” notes at once in that track and either delete them or move them to another note that will sound good. So how do I select and move/delete all of these notes at once, rather than separately select each note, one at a time and delete each note? I tried to “draw” around them but the draw function only specifically selected a few notes at time (no encompassing circle or rectangle around the group of notes) and even then when those few notes were selected, when I hit “erase” it didn’t erase them. I did try to “select” a few notes at a time and “erase” them and that worked. But I could only select a few before those I selected became unselected. And we are talking about 200+ notes.

I hope someone understands what I trying to do and can provide assistance. I no longer have the XF8 and am exclusively using a CP4 with an iPad for all music production. Works fine, but I have other MIDI songs I want to convert into Cubasis which will have the same issue, so resolving this issue is significant. Thanks in advance.

To select multiple notes, activate “select” tool, then press and hold for a second before dragging. You’ll see it draws selection rectangle, which selects all the notes it touches.

Thank you Covoxer. It works. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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Is there any way this could be added to the help document?

Hi amp_wombat,

The editor topics are covered both in the Cubasis in-app help as well as the MIDI Editor Improvements tutorial clip (http://musicappblog.com/cubasis-workshop-2/).

Please let me know, if you see things missing and I’m glad to have them added.


Hi guys, I’m looking to achieve the same effect but with multiple parts without having to open each individually.

I was able to select multiple parts and open one of them, but this just moves the notes in the one part.

I have also tried playing around with the MIDI, Transpose menu without success.

I am using Cubase 8.5.

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Thank you for your very helpful information.