SOLVED. I can't find a way to choose between light/heavy text font subtypes

I want to choose Calibri Light as the font for my title, however I can only seem to be able to choose the Normal type and its common variants (bold, italic, underlined,…).

Is there a way arround this ATM?

Thanks in advance.

Are you on Windows or Mac, Alvaro?

A Mac (mid 2011 iMac 27")

And what specific font families are you trying to use?

Calibri (that’s what you mean right?)

I found that even though I have Microsoft Word installed on my Mac, Calibri and its various weights (regular, bold, italic, bold italic, light, light italic) were not available to other applications. They are located inside Microsoft (right-click on the Word app in your Applications folder and then choose Show Package Contents), and you can then copy them from there to e.g. your user’s fonts folder, in /Users/your-username/Library/Fonts. Once those fonts are in an accessible fonts folder, I find that Dorico quite happily uses them, and all of the weights are available.

Oh! I certainly didn’t think about that. Thank you Daniel. I’ll try it out.