[SOLVED] I insist!!!! Missing samples!!!!

Missing samples when coming upgrading from Cubase 7 -> VST Absolute -> Halion 5

why would you insist on missing samples … most people want the samples.

Hey Steflor. You need to install content from the HALION SONIC DVDs included to Cubase box (2 dvds). Hope it helps :smiley:

You are my savior! I had to go find my Cubase 6.5 box version, because since I do the update online. Why have they not reported this? thank you again scanntec :slight_smile:


I was looking at my old HDD, in c: / Program Data / Steinberg / Halion SSE / Content Installed (take care, is a hidden folder), and I’ve found 7 files that was missing after my install by this procedure: Halion Sonic 1.5 - Halion 4 update - Halion 4.5.4 Update - Halion 5 update.

You can find it too, from the two DVD’s of Halion Sonic Trial 1.5 that came with Cubase 6.5.

This are the files:

  • FCP_SMT_92_HS_Brass_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_93_HS_Winds_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_94_HS_Sax_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_95_HS_Trumpet_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_96_HS_Muted_Trumpet_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_97_HS_Trombone_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_98_HS_Flugelhorn_01.vstsound

It weights 1,14 Gb in total.

I think this are the files that came with a second link (where Steinberg said: “first install Halion Update; next the bonus content”) posted with the Halion 4.5.4 Update and still present at his website: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/dow … ion_4.html, but for some strange reason Steinberg has removed it, giving headache and pain to his costumers like me :sunglasses:

I don’t know if this are the samples you are missing, but for instance, this brass layers where what I cared most. They are very high quality (a huge 1,14 Gb for only 7 presets), and add articulations (the left pads) in Halion (vibrato, flutter, falls, doits, shakes, etc.). They are named in Halion as XXL (brass section XXL, trumpet XXL, etc.).

FCP_SMT_102 to 106 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_108 to 112 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_114 to 116 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_118 to 121 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_123 to 131 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
… and the last one I have, is 134 (granular synth 01).

Perhaps I have more files than I should, because I’ve done a lot of tries and copies from various sources… but I don’t care. What’s important to me, is that I’ve solved that lovely layers and articulations that I like so much.

I’ve never uploaded any file big to the cloud. I’ve you need that seven “vstsound files”, can you tell me where and how to upload it? Thanks.

*Now I see that I still miss nylon guitars and harps… :unamused: I wonder myself: CAN ANYONE THAT HAS INSTALLED OF HALION 5 FROM THE BOX PRODUCT, SHOW A COMPLETE LIST OF THE VSTSOUND FILES? FOR EXAMPLE, A SCREEN CAPTURE OF THAT FOLDER? I’m going crazy with this… I would be very grateful. Thanks!