[SOLVED] Import tracks from Cubase - no options to set record / monitor track


When tracks are imported from Cubase- those tracks, plus any tracks added, lack the ability to set record, or monitor - which is available when adding tracks in a new project.

Cannot reproduce (Cubase 12, VST Live 1.1.10)

  • in Cubase create one audio and one MIDI track, VST Live/export
  • import in VST Live (new project as in defaults): no problems to select monitor or record
  • add audio and midi track in VST Live, no problems there either.
    Pls. re-check with VST Live 1.1.10, still having those problems?

Thank you for your reply.

I’m using Cubase 12.05.01, VST Live 1.1.10 and Windows 11.

Export a video and audio track from Cubase as a media project.

Import into VST Live.

Add a new track in VST Live.

You can also see that the audio and video are offset from one another - which they weren’t in the Cubase project.

VST Live 1.1.20 exhibits the same behaviour.

… thank you. We’ll analyse it and get back to you,

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… it’s fixed now. Next update,

You need to zoom in vertically on the tracks (scrollbar to the right) in order to see the record and monitor buttons.

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Thank you! User error on my part.

… but it helped us. We’ll update VST Live to zoom the tracks to default after a Media Projekt has been imported.

See you

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