[SOLVED] Imported AAF can't link to audio files

Hello there,

I had an issue with an imported AAF from DaVinci Resolve that woudn’t link to the audio files folder but it’s solved so i’ll share what i did, it might help you !

The AAF i recieved was the AAF file itself plus the audio files separated, all in one folder. These audio files were mxf files.

When i imported the AAF into Cubase it showed me all the blocks but empty and even when i showed Cubase where the audio files were through the mediabay it wouldn’t recognize them.

And for me the solution was to convert these mxf files to wav and to show Cubase the way.

There, i hope it can help someone someday !

Scratch that
It just links the wav files but without the timings used…

I’m trying to get Cubase to replace the mxf containers with the wav’s if that makes sens