[SOLVED] Importing dialogue file names from Excel script into cycle markers' Description fields

Hey all, with all the new features that have gone into the ADR panel over recent years (which I don’t use outside of Marker naming), I’m looking to do something fairly simple that I can’t quite find here in the forum.

I’m currently editing dialogue for a game. I have the script and have already created blank cycle markers for all of the lines on a Marker track. I’m currently copy-pasting the file names from Excel into the Description field in the Marker/ADR panel, which works, but is taking forever.

Is there an import feature that will do this for me, in sequential order, if I prepare the file name column properly in the Excel script? Something either in the ADR panel itself or via the Project Logical Editor, to save time?

The answer: yes.
You can export the cycle markers to a csv file. Then import that file into your Excel with the script. I assume you’ve a line per dialog sentence. When yo’ve got the basic 3 columns (IN TC code, OUT TC code, and dialog column) export as csv and re-import to Nuendo. You’ll get a new marker track with cycle markers and the dialog script. You can add the fields you need to the excel to get for example a voice talent ADR column or what you want.

Thank you for the help, though that sounds like the reverse of what I was trying to do (I’m trying to get existing file names from a column in Excel into Nuendo’s cycle markers’ Description field).

I did figure it out today, however: by selecting my blank markers on the Marker track, I was able to navigate to Edit > Rename Events from List and import a tailored version of my script, with just the file names, from either a .csv or .txt file that I exported from Excel. The .csv file, however, put a comma in front of the file names, so I just used the .txt file method instead, which worked great.

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Rodney, you have just saved me hours upon hours of individually copying and pasting from a spreadsheet.

Brilliant suggestion!


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Is there a way of also updating the content of the Dialogue column as well?

I didn’t knew about the workaround you’ve described. Very interesting.
The way I explained get what you need too. The cycle markers you’ve in Nuendo are exported to a Excel file (csv) where you can copy your script column names and send again to Nuendo importing a csv file to a new marker track.

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Are you OK with this workaround? Or would you prefer to have an application, where you can import the XLS file and send tha data over to Nuendo from this application?

How about a DOC file? Do you use only Excel, or also Word?

Thank you

That I am not sure of - glad it helped a little! It was definitely a feature I hadn’t used before.

This works well enough for me, Martin - of course, I needed to be sure my script and cycle marker order is perfect for it to work well (I had to revise it a few times, stripping it down to just a single column of file names with no header titles or extra row spaces, but it still saved me time). Ultimately, I would love a more-robust system, as you described - one that perhaps lets you navigate an Excel document and pick and choose the columns you’d like to import (similar to Nuendo’s track import from other Nuendo projects). Not sure I’d ever need it to be compatible with Word, though. In 20+ years of game development, it’s always been Excel (or Google Sheets) for scripts for me.


During recording & editing the second character for the game, I was much more careful about the order of both the cycle markers and script recording order this time around. I’m hopeful that the Rename Events from List trick will work perfectly the very first time.