[SOLVED] Importing old cubase songs (From VST versions)


In the Cubase 7 and previous versions (back to 4 I think) there was a sticky,

But this isn’t the the Cubase 8 section.

So, does this still apply to the Cubase 8 licence?

If it does, then I’m stuck!
I downloaded and installed Cubase SX3.1, and the suggested elicense software.
I installed these on my old macbook, running 10.6.8 (With rosetta)
After plugging my dongle into the macbook I ran the elicense software.
It could see my key, and after updating things it could see my Cubase 8 license (Cubase 8 isn’t on my macbook)
I started SX3, but it said it couldn’t find a license and wanted a registration key, which I don’t have.
I was going to try the Cubase 8 registration, but as it could see a valid Cubase 8 key, i didn’t in case I messed up!
Any ideas where I go from here?


This is an interesting question. But I’m afraid, the answer is “no”, on Mac. Not because of Cubase 8, but because of eLicenser Control Center.

Fact 1) The latest eLCC, you can install on Mac OS X 10.6 is
Fact 2) The elCC was released July 14th, 2014.
Fact 3) The very first Cubase 8 licence was generated after July 2014, so Cubase 8 licence is “Unknown licence” for eLCC
Fact 4) You can’t upgrade your Mac OS X. 10.6 is the latest one with the Rosetta.

So on Mac OS X 10.6 the eLCC doesn’t recognize your Cubase 8 licence, and on newer version of Mac OS X, you can’t run Cubase SX (because of Rosetta). I’m sorry, I can’t see any solution for Mac users.

On Windows, it should works.

This IS working!

Not sure which step I missed out last night, maybe should have restarted the computer after updating the elicenser?
Anyway, after updating the elicenser last night, on the MacBook, the “unknown License” became known as Cubase 8.
This morning, after reading Martin’s post, I wanted to check his Fact 3, as I knew I’d seen the “unknown License” change.
I thought I’d run SX3 again, just to see what happened, and it worked!
I’ve imported old songs and all seems good.

If it helps, the eLC version I used is

Interesting, good to know.

Thank you!

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