[SOLVED] Importing projectfiles back to iPad

I was forced to reinstalled Cubasis 1.9.9 on my iPad 2 - IOS 8.2
Before I deleted it I saved all folders with iTunes Filesharing. That part was easy.
But how do I get my project and all files back to Cubasis?
Every search I’ve made just point to “how to import from Cubasis to Cubase” but I cant find any that explains how to transfer a project back to the iPad.
The docs to Cubasis mention transfer with the WIFI-server…where can I find this in Cubasis?
Itunes fileshare can’t install folders, and I tried the projectfile but then the audiofiles wont get imported.
So how can I get my project back again?

Hi Firefaxx,

in order to use the Wifi Server function you have to activate it first:

  • tap on SETUP
  • Mixdown / Share and activate Wifi Server

now open the local http://XXX.XXX.X:XXXX URL in your PC browser.

Once you see the Wifi Server manager window, it is best now to ZIP compress each of your projects (AUDIO + CBP file) on your computer an then upload. NOTE: In order for Cubasis to recognize imported files, you need to remain at the top folder level! As shown in the image in the App user guide:


ZIP files are then extracted automatically and your projects appear in the media bay.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Ricardo!
It worked just perfectly :slight_smile:


Glad to hear! :wink:

In case you want to use itunes insteadl here is how:

  • connect your ipad to your PC
  • in itunes file sharing point to Cubasis
  • move your projects via drag&drop to the right side window where you see the Cubasis folders
  • launch Cubasis

after a successful import you should see the import bubble pop and they also should appear in the media bay.