[SOLVED] Input upbeat with popover


i try to input 12/8 with 6 eighths notes. if i do Shift+M and type into 12/8,6 i always get 2 eighths. why?
you can see my screenshot. Thanks
Dorico Takt.png

I’m curious… With that first upbeat rest selected, can you type Shift-B, 4e, Enter?

This works correctly for me.

I tried changing the language to German to see if that was causing the problem, and it still worked correctly - but of course I still have an UK keyboard on my PC.

And I’m running Windows not OSX.

Delete the second 12/8 time signature first.

And in order to keep the music from shifting (if there is any), turn on insert mode first.

Thank for your very quick response. I have deleted the 12/8 time signatur at the second tact, now i can input the correct upbeat.
Thanks a lot too all of you. It’s not realy easy to switch from Finale to Dorico. But with your help it will be better and better.

Dorico appears to read the comma-6 as the indication for a quarter note since 6 is the keycode for a quarter/crotchet.

Having tried it, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the case…

I want to add an upbeat.

  1. I activated ‘insert-mode’
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 11.22.52.png
  2. I entered the upbeat
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 11.23.15.png
  3. all my music is shifting 1 quarter to the left…why? I activated insert mode !
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 11.23.05.png

That’s not how it works. Add the extra beat first, by selecting the existing time signature, going Shift+B 1q Enter. Then (with the time signature still selected) hit Enter, then type 4/4,1 Enter. No need for Insert mode here - it doesn’t do anything where time signatures are concerned.

Or if you’re worrying about the potential for stuff going wrong when Dorico initially shifts the music, you could place another time signature at bar 2 first, then remove it after you’ve added the pickup and fixed bar 1.

works perfectly. thanx Leo !

What do I have to type for a simple 4/4 bar with a 3 eighths notes (3 quaver) upbeat?

Type 4/4,1.5 in the popover. Dorico understands decimal input, but not fractions.

Aaahhh, ok! German habit: writing a comma instead of a dot (we use commas for decimal places).

Thanks a lot!

Actually, using a fraction (instead of a decimal point) would be quite intuitive. 4/4,3/8 for a 3-quaver pick-up would be perfectly understandable to me, and I may be wrong, but I don’t think that notation is reserved for one of the complex time signatures.

(edit: I realise I may have made the same comment before… sorry for repeating myself)

I think the problem with “4/4,3/8” is that for inputs like “4/4 + 3/8” (and other options) the 3/8 is second time signature, not the duration of the pickup bar.

This was my first try actually. It’s the way I think: “an upbeat of three 8th” while everything else is kind of fraction math converted to decimals. Having the 3/8 in brackets could separate the upbeat from the time signature.

But I’m sure “The Dorico’s” thought a lot about that before they decided how to implement it. The will have reasons for the way it is now.