[SOLVED] Inputs from Control Room Are Not available.


I am trying to record my Fantom X ( sound module) in cubase. Yesterday, I created a Control Room with External Inputs set to buses 5-6 of my MR816 ( in External Effect mode as I/O). I was able to record a take by setting input as 5-6 and output to Control Room monitor channel ( 1-2). However, today when I started to do another take, the output bus is not available and I cannot record it anymore. Please see the screen shot.

No Bus.png

Of course when I press quick connect on 5 and 6 together on MR . It creates an stereo input set to 4 and 5, I can see signal coming to the stereo channel and I can record and hear sound module as I am playing and the recording. However, still the output say No Bus and I cannot obviously hear it through my monitors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Use External Instrument instead of Control Room.

I have a sound modules ( Fantom XR) and Yamaha Keyboard arranger PSR-A3000.

Should I create TWO external instruments set the input and outputs, or just use the instrument track and set the input and output on the midi and audio tracks?

Thank you for the reply.


Use two Instruments with two different MIDI Inputs and Audio Return Channels, please.

Do you mean two VST Connections> External Instruments or adding Two instrument tracks in projects that I am using them?

Both devices are installed in the 'MIDI Device Manager".

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I mean an External Instruments.

Thank you.