[SOLVED] Insert & Send Effects Using Audiobus

Hello everyone - I have Cubasis 1.8.1 and Audiobus 2.1.4 on iPad Air and for some reason, I can’t use Audiobus as insert or send effects on an audio track. Does anybody know if this is a bug or limitation of Cubasis? Or maybe it’s an Audiobus issue? I appreciate any input. Thanks, -Fled.

That isn’t how it works.

You need to route audio through an effect and into Cubasis.

For example,

Put a synth on the input slot in Audiobus, an effect in the middle and Cubasis at the end. When you open Cubasis a track will automatically have been created, named after the effect. If you want to control the synth, create a MIDI track, select ‘no instrument’ and route the MIDI output to your synth - I’ve been having most success using the Virtual MIDI option - now when you play (or sequence) the synth the audio goes through the effect and can be recorded to Cubasis.

This means you can’t use Audiobus to set up sends, only inserts. If you have paid for the multi routing upgrade to Audiobus you can add multiple effects in series, or send multiple synths through the effect chain - but they only function in series through a single instance of the effect.

The other option is routing the stereo output from Cubasis through an effect chain and back into Cubasis (put Cubasis In the input and output slot in Audiobus). This lets you use non-IAA effects for master bus processing.

Hey xenteq, thanks for the reply! I spent some time on Audiobus and Cubasis and I think I know how it works now. I appreciate your help!


Glad you could figure it out!