[Solved]Instrument not working

Hi all. Forgive me please if this has been addressed already.

I’m using Padshop for a project and have done a render in place so that I can disable the instrument track to let up on cpu usage a bit but still be able to hear the part.

I’d like to go back to using the instrument track but when I enable it, it doesn’t want to make any sound. It’s also a gray colour rather than the original yellow. Padshop is still there … I can bring it up and play some notes but nothing is happening when I play the song.

I want to be able to change presets in Padshop and try new sounds for the part but currently that is not going to work.

Any ideas?



To me it sounds like the track is locked. Or maybe frozen, disabled…?

It’s not disabled since I can pull up Padshop from it after enabling it and can play notes on the Padshop keyboard. It just doesn’t play the part in the track. And its greyed out (the track, that is). I actually did this on two tracks and each of them are now not working. All other instrument tracks in the song are functional.


Isn’t the MIDI Part itself muted?

Thanks Martin. That was it! I was unaware that this function was available. Still a little puzzled as to why the midi was muted but it’s fixed now.