[SOLVED] Inter-app issue


i’ve purchased Cubasis 3 three days ago. I’ve started using yesterday. I was trying to connect some external app via inter-app but it doesn’t work fine.
i explain better:

i add a midi track (but it’s the same with audio track), i select as my input a inter-app. If a play the keys on cubasis i can hear the sound of the external app, if i enter in the inter-app interface, i can’t hear anything, so is impossible to set the right soung because you have to enter and exit always.
i have a 2019 iPad.

How can i fix this? is there any settings to change?

Thank you so much.

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Finally i’ve resolved!!

Have to go to Setup–>Audio and there enable background audio.

With that setting on, i can hear sound from external app opened in Cubasis.



Hi Nicola,

glad to read you‘ve been able to resolve the issue yourself.

Stay well,