[SOLVED] iOS system volume disabled (built in speakers) / Cubasis 3.0.1 / iPad Pro 12.9 2018

Hello, I wonder if this is a known issue for the Cubasis development team:

  1. Summary/Title
    iOS system volume is disabled (it is at full volume regardless of the position of the fader) when using Cubasis 3.0.1 on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018 through built in speakers

  2. Description
    iOS system volume is disabled (it is at full volume regardless of the position of the fader) when using Cubasis 3.0.1 on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018. Other DAWs, such as Cubasis 2 and BM3 work as expected (do not override the system volume control). The above is observed when using the iPad built in speakers, but when plugging in headphones (via lightning to 3.5mm adapter), the system volume control works with Cubasis 3.0.1 as well.

  3. Expected Results
    I expect to be able to control the iOS system volume when running Cubasis 3.0.1 with audio output to built in speakers

  4. Actual Results
    System volume is disabled (fader can be moved but output volume is at 100%)

  5. Environment
    iPad Pro 12.9 2018, Cubasis 3.0.1, iOS 13.3.1

Thanks for your support and a great, consistent, development of the app!
Best regards, Kim Eiroma

same with Ipad Air 2019

Update: now - for some reason - all DAWs including Cubasis 3.0.1 are responding to system volume changes when listening through built in speakers. I have no idea what caused this change in behaviour. i didn’t even restart the iPad.

the only thing I did was import a couple of projects from Cubasis 2 to C3, which is when I noticed that system volume was responsive. After this I tested with the projects that were previously not working in this regard - and it the problem was gone. Go figure.

Hi kimeiroma,

Thanks for the update.
We’re glad to read that you have been able to sort out the issue yourself.

While we were unable to reproduce the problem, please let me share some thoughts provided by our engineering.

If the iPad is connected to an audio interface, its system volume gets disabled (expected behaviour, iOS related).
Could it be the cause of your issue?

If the issue re-appears, here are some things to try:

  • Quit all audio apps and reboot
  • Check settings in Setup / Audio: Background Audio on, Studio Quality off, Bluetooth/Airplay off
  • If you tap the “Output Device” button in the Setup / Audio screen, does it show “iPad” as the active device?


Hi Lars,

Thanks for you help.

I saw some discussions on the Audiobus forum and elsewhere where the same problem was being experienced with other DAWS. One suggestion was to disable the “high quality / measurement mode” and I tested this it seems to be solution. So: whenever measurement mode is turned on, the system volume is disabled and stuck at 100%.

After the 3.0.1 update I am experiencing Cubasis to be very stable. There are some minor observations I have which I can report in another thread, but I am confident you will continue to refine this excellent DAW with every update. Thanks for the consistency in your development efforts and patient interaction with your users here and on the Audiobus forum.