[SOLVED] iPad Pro 12.9 " Compatibility

Thinking about purchasing an iPad Pro 12.9" model (large version) primarily for music production purposes. Would like to know: Does Cubasis fill up the full screen of an iPad Pro 12.9" model or is it scaled down to a normal regular iPad sized screen? Thanks in advance.

It fills the full screen. But it isnt fully optimized. You have very big knobs, buttons and text now.

Many apps arent optimized for the high resolution. Often faders and knobs need a really huge fingermovement to change the values from one end to the other.

Hi MercedesCP4,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis is fully compatible with the iPad Pro although it does not show up with dedicated optimizations interface-wise as of now.


Thank you for the information. Since the new Yamaha Montage will not have a MIDI sequencer, apps like Cubasis with a MIDI sequencer will be a required “add-on” for those of us who do not want to use a computer with a keyboard- as with a CP4 that does not have a sequencer.

Has this situation changed in Cubasis 2.0? I am considering upgrading from my 1st gen iPad Air, but a big factor would be the extra display space for Cubasis.

As Lars Slowak had already announced earlier somewhere (if I remember right), this would not be part of 2.0. And in fact it isn’t.

At that time I didn’t bother too much, with my iPadPro 9.7. :wink: Meanwhile I use the 9.7’’ for job duties exclusively, and have bought a 12.9’ just for music making, after seeing so many first class music apps available meanhwile.

It would bring the Cubasis experience to a completely other level IMHO to have a 12.9-version really using the additional space!

And while I see and hear more and more people are using the big iPad (not so few exactly for that reason of welcome space for certain apps), it would certainly be no waste of resources, if Steinberg put that on top of the list of future updates.

So I kindly second that request. :exclamation:

Hi all,

While 12.9 screen size optimisations are on our list for quite some time, it might not happen soon due to to fulfilling other feature requests. Running Cubasis 2 on an iPad Pro myself the app runs great for me as is (my humble opinion).

In any case, new features are always announced once updates become available.


Sorry to hear that.

While Cubasis runs fine on the big iPad, it wastes all the additional space available, which you could use for a full view of considerably more tracks (not the crunched view with missing info) and/or other info.
That’s simply an essential for good song overview IMHO, and no unimportant aside.

In one word: I could understand, that other things had higher priority for 2.0. But I can’t understand and don’t appreciate the ongoing low priority of this from my view important update. It concerns mainly professional users, but also half-pro and amateur home studio users, integrating Cubasis into Cubase or Nuendo workflow in a serious way.

Hi jimknopf,

We constantly evaluate user feature requests before deciding on the roadmap and specific update scopes.
As you can imagine, we do receive lots of feature requests and bug fix reports.

While it might look as an easy task to add all kinds of feature requests to Cubasis, the reality looks different often times.

As you’ve seen with the last 20 Cubasis releases we do our best to fulfill requests for our users, introduce new features and technologies, while maintaining the app. All of this happens on a regular basis and comes for free for existing users, including our biggest Cubasis 2.0 release since version 1.0.

We agree that iPad Pro 12.9 support is a great feature addition, however it come at high costs and requires to be combined with a matching release where we address similar topics.

Since Cubasis is driven by a fairly small number of people compared to our other development teams, scope and resource planning is a most important part for us in maintaining the number of releases.

Hope that helps,

Understood, Lars.

By the way, I would be more than ready to pay for a major update like Cubasis 2.0. So don’t hesitate to ask for a user contribution at times, and/or implement a Paypal donation button. I guess there are more users out there who don’t take everything for granted.

The reason I did not buy the 12.9 iPad Pro, was that the status of Cubasis regarding screen estate was not known at the time.
Cubasis occupies the “Killer App” zone for lots of musicians, it’s a reason to consider an iPad.
Until that extra screen space is utilised by Cubasis (Auria I’m watching you), I won’t bother with the larger pro.
End of story.

Lars, can you or someone else explain exactly what is lacking with Cubasis on the 12.9" display? “Dedicated Optimizations” is a bit vague.


SuStudio: Basically Cubasis (like most any iPad app) doesn’t auto-recognize the enhanced resolution capabilities of the 12.9 so the apps are zoomed to fit the larger screen. App graphics that look perfectly normal on a 9.7 can look rather large on the 12.9, if that makes more sense. Your not really getting more bang for your screen real estate buck. Although somewhat subjective, it’s not really a deal breaker. There’s just limited apps that exploit the additional screen resolution and horsepower of the 12.9. Hope that helps explain.

Thanks Savage - that’s clear but might actually be a deal breaker for me if all you’re getting is a zoomed in appearance versus more screen usage. Although I use my iPad for more than just Cubasis, I’d like to know what other apps suffer this same fate.

Hi - long time Cubasis user here. I love the app on my Air 2 but have been considering upgrading to a 12.9" pro for a while now (waiting for the pro 2 now).

I just wanted to add my voice to those kindly asking that native screen resolution support for the larger pro is prioritised, as Cubasis supporting this is a bit of a deal breaker on getting the 12.9 over the 9.7.

I have been testing out Cubasis on a friends 12.9 pro and “all it would take” to make it a much better experience would be to size the menu and sidebar at “native” resolution – ie the same physical scaled controls / UI as on the 9.7 and just stretch the timeline so the user has way more usable space.

Of course if later down the line the UI was specifically tweaked to take advantage of the extra real estate (thinking simultaneous mixer/keys/instrument UI or multiple audio unit instances, that would be icing on the cake :slight_smile: )

Thanks for a great product. Speaking for myself, I would gladly pay extra for additional “pro functionality” to support the development of Cubasis.

I recently recorded and mixed a ten-track project in Cubasis 2 on an iPad Pro 12.9, and being able to view a few more tracks would have been a MAJOR help.

Given that the iPad Pro 9.7" and 12.9" models have the same PPI, switching to native resolution would not require the redesign of any UI elements (buttons, etc), assuming that the 9.7 version runs at 2048x1536. All the reclaimed space by going ‘native’ could simply be used to expand the track view, with few other changes necessary.

I’m sure there are some other tweaks needed (e.g. icon spacing on the toolbars) but the PPI match should make things relatively easy… right? I hope this can be done soon, because apart from the giant and slightly fuzzy UI this really is one amazing app!

Thought I would bump this issue — any updates on whether native resolution on iPad Pro is on the horizon? It’s a big deal for me as the iPad (and Cubasis) is the centre of my music production and am looking to upgrade to the 12.9 size. Unfortunately this is the one thing stopping me. It would be good to know if it’s being prioritised before I commit even more to this setup.

Again, I would gladly pay for an IAP to upgrade this and have no problems paying for extra features in general to support development.


New iPad pros are out!

I’ll be upgrading and my decision on 10.5" vs 12.9" basically rests solely on whether cubasis will update for native 12.9" resolution.

Is there any way you can even hint that this is in the pipeline? Thanks!


Thanks for your message.

While we have customised UI support for the 12.9" on our list, there is no date when this will be implemented.

Working on a day to day basis with Cubasis on the Pro 12.9" myself be assured it looks and performs great in the current version!

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply Lars. I have also tested Cubasis on a 12.9" iPad for a while and appreciate that while it works and looks “ok”, it seems crazy to not use the extra resolution available when it’s there. It’s becoming incredibly cramped on a 9.7" iPad to edit and get an overview of all tracks especially in a complex project. There are only two iPad resolutions (well, now 3 with the 10.5"), so I would really hope it’s a priority to cater for those who have invested in the larger pro model.

I personally only use an iPad for music creation as convenience and the app ecosystem trumps the ultimate power of a laptop for me, and would be more than willing to pay more for a “pro” version of Cubasis or some kind of IAP to unlock full resolution support and other features.