[SOLVED] iPad Pro running 13.1.1 + Cubase 2.8.1 = crackling + popping


I just purchased a new 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd gen and updated the OS to 13.1.1. Then I purchased the current version of Cubasis 2 (2.8.1).

The problem I’m experiencing is that when I preview WAV files in the media bay and/or play a track that consists of WAV loops, I get popping and crackling sounds coming from the speakers. Older threads on this subject suggest that this issue was resolved with an earlier iPadOS update, but I’m a new adopter and I’m currently having this same problem.

Surprisingly, I’m not running any other apps or taxing the CPU in the slightest. I’m literally restarting the iPad, opening Cubase 2, and playing one WAV file in the media bay. Also, the pops and cracks don’t occur in the same places in the track upon repeated playback. Rather, they appear to be random.

By contrast, when I open the Files app and preview the WAV files in question they play perfectly. Ditto if I import them into GarageBand. So this seems to be limited to Cubasis.

I should also add that I used these very loops, which I purchased last year from The Loop Loft, without any problems on my MacBook Pro running Cubase LE.

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Hi mgermana22,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis family!

With the introduction of the iPad Pro 3rd Gen iPads, Apple changed the hardware settings, forcing us to introduce a revised sample rate setting with Cubasis 2.7.

While Apple’s new iPad Pro devices showed off with some audio issues in the beginning, these should have been addressed by them within some previous iOS updates.

Please give it a try to set Cubasis to a lower hardware latency setting (SETUP/Project/Audio) and le me know if this helps to solve the issue.

Thank you
& best wishes,

Lowering the hardware latency to “Low” from “Ultra Low” seems to have resolved the issue. I’ll keep testing it out and report back here if I encounter any additional problems. Thanks for your help, Lars.

Hi mgermana22,

Thank you for your feedback.
Glad to hear, that changing the hardware latency to “Low” seems to solve the issue.