[SOLVED] Is this possible with audiobus and cubasis.


Is it possible when using audiobus and cubasis, to send midi to a synth app from cubasis. Then hit record in cubasis to record the audio of the synth app into cubasis, but then switch to the synth app while cubasis still keeps recording, so that you can tweak parameters of the synth like filter or any other, so that those tweaks get recorded into the cubasis track? While still also hearing the other audio tracks you have going in Cubasis, like a drum track or bassline what have you. So that you can perform tweaks on the synth along with the other tracks and record this performance to Cubasis, while cubasis is still sending midi to the synth app.

is this possible?


First of all, Cubasis supports Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

At the end of this message please find a short explanation what each format offers.
Please find detailed descriptions in the Accessories chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.

Regarding your questions, please have a look at the following platinumaudiolab video tutorial that explains the workflow to use Audiobus along with CoreMIDI (quicker than writing down all required single steps).


Please let me know if this helps to answer your question.

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Audiobus, IAA and Audio Unit support in Cubasis

Using Audiobus you can record / input audio from other apps.

IAA allows to route audio, MIDI and effects between Cubasis (host) and compatible node apps in realtime. There are three basic types of nodes:

  • Effects can be set as insert or send effects
  • Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
  • Generators are inputs for audio tracks

Audio Units
Third party apps with Audio Unit functionality can act as instrument or effect plug-ins / add-ons that integrate directly into the Cubasis workflow.

Important Note:
It depends on the (third party) app manufacturer what formats / options are available.

yes, thank you for the info :laughing:

Thanks for the update!