[Solved] Issue? CPU Spikes

Hi there,

I’m having CPU spikes from the last update. That does not happened before. Anybody having the same experience?


I solved the problem by myself: it was because I have MIDI devices with lost MIDI connections.

Thanks for posting your solution.

in the upper right corner you can find the search function for this forum. If you type in spikes you will notice that there are more then 1000 items about the topic so no… you’re not alone.
Actually Steinberg is working hard to figure this out and they have responded that, for now, it seems related to specific display drivers, but it is still under investigation.
A solution was posted several times for some people and it was to rollback to a older display driver.
Some have noted that it happens with specific VSTI’s. Named as examples are PLAY 4 and kontakt.
They indicate that it is GUI-related. In those cases an update should appear for the plugin.
WIth your solution it is the lost midi connections.
On the other hand: A lot of people indicate that they have no spikes at all.
So this is a difficult one and it is certainly an annoying problem.

Glad you got yours solved.
kind regards

Hi Roel,

Thanks for answering. It seems like Steinberg has a lot work to do.