[SOLVED] Issues with Synchron Strings Pro legato


I’ve a strange issue with Dorico and VSL Synchron Strings Pro. The legato becomes jumpy, and I can’t understand way.

The piece was made with the old Vienna Instruments Pro player. I then changed it to Synchron Player to play the new strings.

The sequence contains CC1, CC11, CC72 and CC73 controls. However, I deactivated reception of CC72 and CC73, to avoid messing with attack and release.

The strings played in the Synchron Player standalone, and before playing something in Dorico, are smooth as in the first example.


When playing the sequence from Dorico, it becomes jumpy as in the second example. It is as if there is a break between the notes, instead of a legato transition.


When selecting the preset again, and when starting playback, I can’t see anything happening in the player. No change in parameters or in the faders.

Is there something hidden I could investigate on? Some controller that I can’t see, but is sent?


I exported a MIDI file from Dorico, and I can’t see anything suspect. There is exactly what I put in the score, apart for a Program Change message at the beginning of each track.

When played back in Logic with SSP, I have the same issue. I’m attaching part of the MIDI file.


pt-wagner-excerpt.mid.zip (2.19 KB)

The two mp3s are not even playing the same pitches.

I’ve probably found that it is not something hidden sent by Dorico. It should be something happening in the VSL player when receiving a particular control. So, I will mark as solved in this forum.