[SOLVED] Just Trying to Change a half rest to a quarter rest

I’m certain this is easy. Or I’m running into a glitch. Or I’m an idiot. Or all of the above.

Screen shot attached. I have a half rest selected. NOT in note input mode. Should edit the existing selected object (right?). I selected the Force Duration button, which promptly unclicks itself so is not shown in the screenshot, then clicked the rest button, then clicked the quarter rest button. Instead of changing anything, both the half rest and the quarter rest buttons lit up but nothing changed.

Sorry to be so dense. But I can’t change a half rest to a quarter rest. And I want to copy/paste from the 4th beat of a previous measure, and can’t. Because I can’t create a 4th beat in the measure.

Help. Thx.

Edit: Solved; see penultimate and pen-penultimate posts. Thanks guys!

It looks like there might indeed be something missing with force duration. This doesn’t currently get taken into account when you change the duration of an existing rest or note, and hence disabled itself when not in note input.

You could alternatively try to go into note input, place the caret at the location of the rest of you want to become a crotchet rest, enable force duration and enter that rest as such.

Having said all this, whenever you find yourself trying something with force duration, consider whether you really need it. Try entering the music first, time signatures too, let Dorico do its thing. After that, you can go through and edit (or well, re-enter as we just discovered) those few items you are not happy with.

Thank-you Stefan. I think I must be fundamentally misunderstanding something.

I want to copy/paste a section of music from another bar. It has a 1-beat pickup note, so I want to paste in the 4th beat of another measure.

If I just copy/paste it into a new bar, the 1-beat pickup note becomes beat 1 instead of beat 4 of a previous measure.

I can’t seem to get the existing rests to change from a Whole rest to, say, a half rest and two quarters so I can paste on the final quarter rest. Does this make sense?

Selecting a rest (not double-clicking or getting into Note-Input mode) is supposed to allow you to edit it, right? If I click a whole rest, then select a quarter note, or half note, sometimes it will change to two half rests, and other times just ignore my clicks. Even it will select both the quarter and half notes simultaneously, and waiting doesn’t change that (in other words it’s not just lagging, it’s not “working” as I expect or think it should).

Can you help me to understand how to change a whole rest into 4 quarter rests so I can paste on the final rest? I must be misunderstanding something, or this is a bug.

Thanks for your kindness.


Try this:
Select the passage and press Ctrl-C.
Go into note input mode and put the caret where you want to paste (i.e. beat 4 of a bar). Then press Ctrl-V.

If you copy a passage starting on beat 4, you don’t necessarily want to paste it starting on beat 4 - you can paste it anywhere you like.

Try this: move the cursor/caret with the right arrow to the beat hash-mark where you want to start the pickup and then paste.

Hey gents that worked! Thanks!

I understand now I’m still “thinking” as composer used to using F & S. I can see Dorico is much more musically intelligent and in fact makes the job easier with less steps.