[SOLVED] Keyswitches not working


I just bought HAlion Sonic and HAlion Symphonic Orchestra. I installed both from my Cubase 6 DVDs (I currently run C7 from a download version). I patched both with current updates available. I’m on Mac OS X 10.7.3. All sounds are installed on another hard drive.

When I open HAlion Sonic (stand alone or within Cubase), I can see the HSO library, which contain 110 patches, is that right? Whatever patch I load, when I try to switch articulation with a keyswitch, the new articulation is never loaded. No error message, just the same legato sound.

I just don’t understand what’s happening :astonished:. Any clues?


Ok, I was trying to do it the way I’m used to in other samplers (ie pressing the KS, release it and have the chosen articulation). With this one, the key must be hold all the time.

So simple :slight_smile: