[SOLVED]L+R Locator position readout - not updating as it should

When you click+drag either Locator in the timeline with the mouse, the corresponding readout box position in the Toolbar, does not follow the movement. I’m sure this used to work in previous editions… :confused:

EDIT:- this is NOT an issue (see below) and is a Feature Request instead.


I have tested this in C7.5, C10 and C10.5. It works the very same way in all 3 versions. All displays (in the toolbar or in the Transport Panel) are updated when I release the mouse.

Thanks for looking at this Martin, across all those versions…!

I’m now sorry I wasn’t clearer - I agree with you, upon mouse release the displays are updated correctly.

However, what I was getting at was, wanting to see the displays change as you click+drag the Locater handles left and right in the timeline itself; like you can see when doing the same with the playhead and watching the ‘Current Position’ display update dynamically.

I went back and tested again in v9.5 - and there is no difference there; so maybe I have only dreamt this was ever working…!! :slight_smile:

I’ll close this thread and post a Feature Request instead.