[SOLVED] Latency around 10-20ms. Is it noticable?

I totally agree with this!

No worries :slight_smile:

In the new MR there’s a lag , ( latency )between the time you turn a QC control on the controller to the time the information getting recorded on the automation track and it’s not audio related it’s slightly out of position , as i said , if you are doing something like slow evolving pads with filter cutoffs then fine , nothing to much to worry about but when you are doing intricate cutoff works then everything is delayed (out of time ) .

You program your own scripts , brilliant but using the default API to create templates gives latency to my controllers so im still using the generic Remote for fast controllers


I perfectly understand this!
Note however that my aim is to use the MR internally, that is no external controls involved :slight_smile:

One factor to consider in your question is tempo.
Playing long legato notes in Largo for example would be different from playing quick staccato in Allegro.
I also believe that the threshold for noticing a latency depends on the instrument you play.
I know a flautist that is unable to hit harmonics using headphone monitoring in a recording environment and claims it is due to the minuscule delay caused by the analog circuitry.

Personally I agree with most above and will say I can perceive a latency of down to around 8-10ms depending on the material.

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Thank you for your notice my friend!
After all these very useful answers I think I now have a much better view of what is there to try to solve. I guess I’ll have to produce the desires pages by using external coding, perhaps in C if Java tends to present a similar latency.

Thank you all guys!

10-20 msec … isn’t that the same timing delay as standing 10-20 feet away from someone on stage?

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Not sure, but probably yes :slight_smile:

Or standing anywhere, actually! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Sound travel about 1,100 ft/s)

But that feels quite different from when one has headphones on for monitoring oneself when recording, or playing midi along with a track. In my view that little delay in live acoustic playing is an intrinsic factor contributing to how the players feel and play groove.

I’ve mostly liveed with 15-20 milliseconds of latency since I started recording in digital about 15 years ago. I’ve never found it to be debilitating. I think people who play thrash guitar and build huge track layers might want it tighter. I’m a blues, rock jazz player and rely on swing a lot and can always make it work. No real problem with MIDI instruments either.

Human hearing starts detecting a delay around 30 milliseconds.

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Hearing may detect a noticeable difference but it’s much lower than that to feel the difference. I can’t hear a delay at 20ms but I can feel it is nit right. Around 5ms feels tight to me when playing drums

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I think you’ve got to be careful relying on the reported latency within the DAW. I’ve had numerous instances where a reportedly higher latency is actually a lot tighter than a a lower reported one.

I don’t know where these additional overheads come through, whether it’s in the audio interface, it’s AD/DA convertors, or the drivers themselves. But I have two machines I use right now, one shows me 12.1ms latency and the other shows 6.5ms.

Yet the 12ms machine responds much tighter in regards to direct monitoring and VST instruments. It’s the better hardware too, and I can drop the buffer down but as it runs well at that setting I live it.

I really should do a round trip check using audio cables to see what the actual difference is, as I swear the lesser hardware must be lying to me. :slight_smile:

On top of that, My macbook on default settings, using onboard audio and built in speakers shows 20ms, yet it too plays great in realtime. Which is odd as I usually notice anything >10ms.

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Sure thing my friend when it comes to external devices.
However, I’m actually worrying about latency coming from inside the midiRemote talking to a virtual port which then sends content to the DAW :slight_smile: Based on my latest tests after some optimisation, the latency drops below 20ms which is acceptable for my personal needs, and maybe for some of us.It’s about creating a beat/sequence designing page.

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Oh sorry, I skimmed through all the posts too quick I think.

I’m very similar to @Nico5, based on the reported latency in a DAW as soon as I go above 10ms I can very much notice it, but this goes back to the point I’m making - I’m really not sure if that is a true 10ms as I don’t trust the reported times.

I also use DrivenByMoss controller scripts with an Ableton Push controller with REAPER, and that must have some additional latency on top of the external device latency due to virtual ports and the work it’s doing, but have never noticed it.

When moss originally developed it, there was some very noticeable lag but that was originally via python/EEL I think, I may ask him if he knows what the latency is as a curiosity.

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Hey, mind having a look at this topic? I really need some help here, because I don’t want to browse through endless options :slight_smile: