[SOLVED] Latency around 10-20ms. Is it noticable?

I totally agree with this!

No worries :slight_smile:

In the new MR there’s a lag , ( latency )between the time you turn a QC control on the controller to the time the information getting recorded on the automation track and it’s not audio related it’s slightly out of position , as i said , if you are doing something like slow evolving pads with filter cutoffs then fine , nothing to much to worry about but when you are doing intricate cutoff works then everything is delayed (out of time ) .

You program your own scripts , brilliant but using the default API to create templates gives latency to my controllers so im still using the generic Remote for fast controllers


I perfectly understand this!
Note however that my aim is to use the MR internally, that is no external controls involved :slight_smile:

One factor to consider in your question is tempo.
Playing long legato notes in Largo for example would be different from playing quick staccato in Allegro.
I also believe that the threshold for noticing a latency depends on the instrument you play.
I know a flautist that is unable to hit harmonics using headphone monitoring in a recording environment and claims it is due to the minuscule delay caused by the analog circuitry.

Personally I agree with most above and will say I can perceive a latency of down to around 8-10ms depending on the material.

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Thank you for your notice my friend!
After all these very useful answers I think I now have a much better view of what is there to try to solve. I guess I’ll have to produce the desires pages by using external coding, perhaps in C if Java tends to present a similar latency.

Thank you all guys!

10-20 msec … isn’t that the same timing delay as standing 10-20 feet away from someone on stage?

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Not sure, but probably yes :slight_smile:

Or standing anywhere, actually! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Sound travel about 1,100 ft/s)

But that feels quite different from when one has headphones on for monitoring oneself when recording, or playing midi along with a track. In my view that little delay in live acoustic playing is an intrinsic factor contributing to how the players feel and play groove.