Solved! License issues cubase 12 pro


I purchased cubase 12 elements back in may then realized I had cubase 5 and its possible to upgrade to cubase 12 pro. I lost my dongle had registered cubase 5 so was able to retrieve the code on the dongle.
I tried registering cubase 12 pro with the license code and elicenser comes back with an error. Can’t seem to know the issues.

You would need the dongle with the Cubase 5 license to be able to update that version to Cubase Pro 12

Hey Steve,
I called tech support and the person said no need for the physical dongle . He transferred my dongle on the elicenser. He also mentionned c12 doesn’t need a physical dongle
If you can please help out will add a picture of the current status

on my account.

I think I understand… Normally, one would next open the Steinberg Download Assistant, and paste in the download access code.

Is this what you have done already?

Yes, but I think there’s no way out and I really need a physical dongle. I went on a online steinberg retailer and purchased one a few moments ago. You were right It needs to retrieve my cubase 5 license from the dongle and transfer it to the soft elicenser.
Damm I had inspiration tonight on this track I’m working on. Oh well wasn’t meant to be! Lol

maybe you could do a trial, while you wait?

:slight_smile: good idea let me try