SOLVED Listening for only 1 midi channel

Hi All,
I have a midi controller/sequencer that sends multiple midi channels over one wire or usb. I want a midi instrument to listen to only its own channel but it seems that Cubase converts the incoming midi to the channel set in the inspector. As a result the instrument listens to all channels at once. Is there a way to set up a VSTi so that it only listens to one of the channels coming to it.

Thanks for your help

More Info:
I have each instrument set to a particular midi channel (not any)
Diva is one of the instruments and does not seem to have a selectable single midi channel
Hydrasynth is also one of the instruments and can listen on one channel
The master keyboard is a novation sl61 mk3 (recent purchase). Maybe this is not set up right but I think it is.

Are you running Diva as an instrument track? I think if you run diva as a rack instrument and connect it thru a midi channel it will listen on your dedicated channel.

atleast that’s how I used to do it, I think it still works like that

Thanks Glenn but I can’t seem to get this to work. If you have any further information I would love to hear it.

Put another way, I want Cubase to pass the midi channel coming in from my controller to the selected instrument.

Put another way again, my keyboard controller can create multiple sequences in different midi channels. I don’t want all connected instruments to hear all the channels being sent from the controller, just the channel that’s associated with that instrument’s performance.

Solved this by using an input transformer to filter out all midi channels but the one I want. I had tried this before and it didn’t work because I did not activate the input transformer module. Saw this in a Greg Ondo YT. Thanks Greg!