[SOLVED] M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 not working with Dorico

This thread suggests that the Keystation Mini 32 ought to work with Dorico (1.2.10); it did/does work perfectly with Sibelius (6, 7, 6).

But, although the Keystation Mini is recognized and tests in MIDI setup (v. 3.2 on 10.13.3) - see grab, I can get no sound from it in Dorico Input Mode etc (even when connected to a USB 2 powered mini hub per this thread) in the way that I always can with my Axiom 61, which always works perfectly (I like to use it for anything extended).

It’d be convenient to have the little two+ octave handy if it can be made to work with Dorico… anyone any ideas, please?


Make sure you connect the Keystation before you start Dorico, as it can’t detect changes to which devices are connected after it’s already running. Otherwise, if the little lights for the octave control etc. light up to show that the unit has power, there shouldn’t be anything else to it.

Thanks, Daniel,

Odd; Yes, I thought about the start order. Tried again and it worked.

It did seem to need a rescan in MIDI Setup, though.

Works now… grateful :slight_smile: