[SOLVED] MacBook M2 Max internal sound device issues

I have a MacBook Pro M2 Max here and want to use it for mobile work / on location…
I’m on Nuendo 12.0.70, but unfortunately I’m experiencing audio dropouts every few seconds.

I’m using the Mac internal sound device (as I said I want to use it as a mobile workstation without any external audio devices / gear), the audio performance meter in Nuendo doesn’t show any big loads or dropout issues.

I’m already on 2048 sample buffer size and the highest ASIO guard level. It also doesn’t sound like a glitch, it just gets silent for one or two seconds.

It is the same when I use Nuendo in Rosetta mode or in Silicon mode.

Any experience, tips or tricks how to get this solved?
Thanks in advance

That sounds like what some plugins do in trial mode.

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Yes you are right, but unfortunately this is not the case. Maybe it is some kind of overload, but as I said, nothing problematic on the performance meter in Nuendo and in my opinion, the M2 Max should be able to handle this music project easily.

Your project would stop in the case of an overload. Is that happening?

Also, do the meters continue to move for the tracks when this happens?

@Steve after debugging the project track by track and plugin by plugin, you were right with your hint. One plugin had no connection to its license server and kept interrupting the whole audio signal. Didn’t even know I used this plugin in this older session. Thanks for your tip and sorry I denied it in the first way. Thanks a lot