SOLVED: Make clef change optional for cues

quite frequently (at least in arrangements for wind bands at school) cues are not only for knowing what happens, but they are also meant for “play, little baritone player, we will never have a bassoon in this band” or “play, saxophone player, our trombone girl is ill today”. At least in the latter case, I’d get a bewildered look and a helpless shrug because of the bass clef.

In cues settings I propose an option:

  • clef change if needed (clef reflects the source)

  • no clef change (clef reflects the destination)



I’m not in front of Dorico at the moment, but isn’t this configurable in the properties panel?

Have a look in Engraving Options under Cues, about halfway down the (long) list of options:

And this general setting is indeed configurable case-by-case in the properties panel.

thanks to both of you and sorry for being blindfolded. On my (small) screen I didn’t notice those options further down to the right side of the property panel - I had to scroll to the right first.

Yeeeha. Perfect.