[Solved] Markers ~ Setting The Playhead and Moving Individual Markers

Regarding new marker feature of Dorico 3.11.

Is there a way to set moving the playhead position (using numeric + or -) to snap to the start of the bar or to move by a set note value. I know we can use the ruler in ‘Play’ mode but I was looking at the options to move in ‘write’ mode.

Having set markers, I wanted to reposition one so selected and dragged the marker. All markers moved at the same time and not just the selected one.

Is this to be expected or should I be able to move individual markers?


Probably the easiest way to move the playhead to a specific position is simply to select a note or other item at that position and then type Alt+P.

For the full cohort of possible ways to move the playhead, including by [video] frames, see here.

Thank you Daniel and Lillie.

Regarding all markers moving when I select one and move that. Is this as expected or is there a way to move just the selected marker?

Well, moving all markers with one selected has suddenly stopped. Now I am able to move just the selected marker.

Thanks again.

Just be aware that because markers are time-linked, not rhythmic position-linked, if you change the tempo before a marker, the marker will move relative to the music (but not in absolute time). And if you change the tempo at the start and you have lots of markers, they’ll all move relative to the music.

That explains it as the markers all moved again … and I had indeed put in a tempo change.

Thank you Lillie. Yours and Daniel’s help is much appreciated.