[solved] max out velocity on midi input device

Hi, I have a MIDI keyboard and I would like to make cubase ignore velocity. Or said another way, set all incoming values to be max velocity. Is there a way to do this?


Use Input Transformer:
Type Is | Equal | Note

Value 2 | Set to fixed Value | 100 (or any Value).

Or do it on the output side (I would recommend this, it’s always better to keep the original recorded data). MIDI Modifiers > Range: Vel. Limit > Set min and max to the wanted Value.


Unfortunately neither of these methods are working. Messing around with the other parameters, it seems that my midi device is somehow bypassing or not being recognized by the input transformer or the midi modifier. I’m using a simple keyboard controller - an Alesis V49.


There is no way, how to “Bypass” any MIDI Device in Transfomer or Modifiers. If the Input is in Cubase.

Could you send a screenshot of the Transformer and Modifiers?

Don’t forget to switch the Tansformers Module 1 On.

Aha! I had to switch them on. :blush:

Thanks so much!