[SOLVED] Metronome Stopped working during a project

My metronome stopped working during a project for recording and playback. If I open a new project it works, if I go back to the project I’m currently working on its not. I basically can’t record until it’s fixed because this tool is essential.

Hi Riyad89,

Are you able to share the project with us, so we can have a look?
If so, please let me have the dropbox link or similar, via PM.


Did you get the PM I sent ? I don’t see it in sent messages.

Hi Riyad89,

As of yet I did not receive your private message.
Did send one to you, please check if it make it through.


I don’t understand the PM system on this site so I’m going to leave the link write here. Let me know when you have it then I’ll delete it.

Hi Riyad89,

Thank you for your message, did receive the project via PM now!
Will share the issue and project with our team.


When can i expect A program update ? I was kind of in the middle of a big project.

Hi Riyad89,

We’'ve evaluated your issue:
You did not hear the metronome, since the metronome button of the 1/2 Stereo channel in the mixer is disabled.
Please activate again, and you’re good to go.


Thanks fixed it, I will go ahead in rate you guys 5 stars. However it still crashes a lot. Can we look for a update for crashes and overall stability soon ?

Hi Riyad89,

Thank you for your immediate reply, and big extra thanks for rating us with 5 starts, which is greatly appreciated!

Regarding your crashes and overall stability issues:
We’ve been able to address many issues with Cubasis 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 thanks to the detailed reports from our users.
Of course, we will do our best to further improve Cubasis 3 with every update.

In order to do this, it is of great help for us to know more details about your issues.
Once our engineers can see and reproduce them, there is a good chance to see them fixed.

If possible, please provide me with the exact steps how for your further Cubasis 3 issues, using our bug reporting form below.
Here it is very helpful as well to create one forum topic per issue (which makes it easier for us to track the problem).
In addition, a short clip that visualises the issue would be helpful as well.

Thanks again for your support!

Best wishes,

Bug Reporting Form

  1. Summary/Title
    (Provide a short but descriptive sentence that summaries the issue or feature request)

  2. Description
    (Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

  3. Expected Results
    (Describe what you expected to see)

  4. Actual Results
    (Describe what you actually saw)

  5. Environment
    (Count the hardware and software including version numbers being used)

I updated to the new iPad Pro and so far I haven’t been having any issues with the program. If I do I will let you guys know. On a side note, can we expect to to see “Audio Warping” in a future update ? This is the only feature that I still need to use another daw for simultaneously. Which I would prefer to do everything in cubasis.