[SOLVED] Midi Clock Help

hi all!! I’m newbie here… but i’m start my computer music life with the old Cubase VST 3 on my old PowerMac!! Well, after long time I wish to restart my music side!! I have a big problem… I need to control a step sequencer app like Xynthesizer or Koushion from the Midiclock out of Cubasis, then the midi notes need to go to external hardware synth!! Well… i try in many way, with audiobus too, but I can’t do it!! I think it’s a simple route, but nothing work!! the step sequencers don’t start!! Some suggestion is welcome!! thx in advance!! sorry for my poor english… Greetings from Italy! :wink:

Hi Redwinex,

It works, but not with all Apps. I can’t check it with Xynthesizer or the Koushion App.

Here my Cubasis Master Midi Clock Hardware Slave & App Slave Setup:

  • connect the iPAD via midi interface to the Hardware Slave and activate “external Midi Clock” on your Hardware device.
    (I used the Midimate II Midi interface & the Kork Electribe SX Hardware)

  • connect the iPAD Audio Output and the Hardware Slave Audio Output to your Mixer

  • launch Cubasis, go to “Setup” and activate “Send Midi Clock”
    ( You need no Cubasis tracks for your Midi Clock Master / Slave Testsetup )

  • launch the “Drum Jam” App

  • open Settings > Midi Setup > “Output Connections” and activate only “Cubasis Clock Output”

  • open Settings > Midi Setup > “Virtual Midi” and disable “Send Midi Clock” and enable “Allow Connection”

  • go back to cubasis and start the playback

Result : Cubasis as Clock Master ,Kork Electribe SX Hardware as Clock Slave and Drum Jam as Clock Slave App running
now simultaneously in the same tempo wich is defined in Cubasis. The Cubasis tempo changes are received
from both Midi Clock slaves. You can change the tempo in cubasis during the playback and the hardware
will following tempo changes stable. Tempo changes with Drum Jam as slave works only stable in stop mode.

Important : Please realize that some iOS Apps receiving Midi Clock only via external USB devices and not internal from App to App. In this case you can send Midi Clock from Cubasis into the Hardware and then back via Midi USB interface into the slave App.

Example :

  1. Cubasis as Midi Clock Master > Midi Interface > eg. Kork Electribe SX Hardware Slave > Midi Interface > iPAD Kork iElectribe Slave App.

  2. Cubasis as Midi Clock Master > Midi Interface > eg. Kork Electribe SX Hardware Slave > Midi Interface > iPAD Nlog Pro Slave App.

    Audiobus Midi Clock Setup ( Audiobus, Cubasis, Drum Jam) :

  • launch AB
  • insert Drum Jam as audio input device and launch
    ( use the same Drum Jam Midi Clock Settings as described above )
  • insert Cubasis as audio output device and launch it
  • activate record enable on Drum Jam audio track in Cubasis
  • start playback and record
    Result : Drum Jam is recorded in Cubasis include the used tempo

Cubasis doesn’t receive Midi Clock, works only as Midi Clock Master.


Great Hiltmann!!! you very welcome!!! thx you very very much for your replay!!
I usually use the Beheringer IStudio but i can try with some other midi interface or midi thru box!!
thx you very nuch again!!
best from Italy! :wink: