Solved - Midi Learn - how to use?

Hello again!

I want to use a midi-pad-controller for the keyboard-codes of Dorico, like I do with Sibelius
(in Sib. only possible with a program called “midi translator”.)

But in Dorico there seems to be a direct way in the keyboard-code-list.
But I can’t get the midi-codes of the pads there, only when I play some notes on my midi-keyboard,
there comes the code in the menü, but not, when I push some pads on the other controller.

Is it possible, that Dorico only accepts one (1) controller - the keyboard itself - but no second
There seems to be no way, to activate some midi-hardware in Dorico, or I cant find this menu…

Thanks for some hints!


The reason why Dorico has no MIDI setup dialog is that it receives MIDI from every MIDI port it detects during startup. So you can connect as many controllers you like and Dorico will happily receive from any of them as long as it adheres to the MIDI protocol.

But in my case the midi-keyboard is recognized by Dorico, but not the Novation Launchpad.
Launchpad-signals come into my Mac (looking on a midi-monitor), but no reaction from Dorico.

Also another midi-controller (behringer cmd) is not recognized…

Thanks for an advice.


Hm, strange…

Please create an empty piano project and then from the main menu choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
This will create a zip file on your desktop. Unzip it and inside you find - amongst others - the file VSTAudioEngine/eventdevicedoc.txt.
Please post the content here.

Thank for your help!
Now, with this new file, it succeded!
Also in my first file its now ok…
I post nevertheless the diagnostic file here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Thank for your help!


You’re welcome. And good to hear that it is working now for you.
Creating that diagnostic file would not have changed anything on your computer,
but the content shows exactly that what I would have expected.
Don’t know what caused the glitch in the beginning but everything is fine now, enjoy Dorico.

I want to conect two midi devices, a midi keyboard and a launchpad (not purchased yet). I’m worried about Dorico would detect same midi key number on each devices. E.g. pressing a C3 on the keyboard and key #60 on the launchpad I will obtain the same result. Does dorico discriminates between this devices?

Yes, unfortunately at the moment Dorico does not provide a way of designating one particular MIDI device as being for key commands and another for note input, though this is something we plan to add in a future version.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this. Will Dorico also be set up to receive midi data across different channels (i.e. 1-16) for Key Commands?

As and when we come to improve this area, yes, we would expect to also make it possible to specify the channel on which a command is received as part of the command definition.


I have a similar question. I use an iPad app called MIDI Designer Pro for controlling Logic Pro and I have hundreds of key commands set up which saves me having to remember them all. The app utilises different MIDI channels, note on, note off and all the CC parameters and values. I’d like to use it with Dorico, but as far as I can tell the MIDI key commands don’t differentiate between MIDI channels, or different input devices. Logic allows you to define a MIDI shortcut from specific devices on specific channels, but in Dorico this isn’t possible. Are we any nearer to having this kind of implementation in Dorico?

Welcome to the forum, Michael. Right now you can’t use this kind of device in this way because Dorico doesn’t allow you to designate specific devices and/or channels on a device for issuing commands. This is something we do plan to add in future, however.