[SOLVED] MIDI Modifier Range not working correctly

I was following along to an instructional video on Groove3 on “Split Key Range Instrument with MIDI Sends” section of "Cubase 10: Editing MIDI Explained"when I noticed there was an overlap in the MIDI key range I set. I’m using Cubase Pro 10.5.20 on Windows 10 Pro x64 1909. The video states Cubase 10, and you can see from the video that he is using a Mac and Cubase appears to be the Pro version.

So this is the scenario:

  • Add Padshop and Retrologue (Arp lead patch) on instrument tracks, inputs not connected.

Add a MIDI track and add Padshop on MIDI Send 1 and Retrologue on MIDI Send 2.

Then insert a MIDI Modifier instance in front of the Padshop on Send 1 and in the Range section set a Note Filter and set the minimum to C-2 and maximum to B3.

Insert a MIDI Modifier instance in front of the Retrologue on Send 2 and in the Range section set a Note Filter and set the minimum to C3 and maximum to C7.

When I do this the keyboard is split, but overlaps for the range C3 to B♭4. That is, from B3 and below I only get the Padshop pad for any key played, and from B4 on up I only get the Retrologue arpeggiated lead, but between C3 to B♭4 I get both instruments playing. Am I overlooking something? If not, can others reproduce this?


My expectation is, your overlap is from C3 to B3, because you set the layers as:

  • C-2 to B3
  • C3 to C7.

You would need to set it up as:

  • C-2 to B2
  • C3 to C7
  • C-2 to B3
  • C4 to C7

Hi Martin. Thanks for your reply. I have to admit I didn’t at first believe your answer so I looked it up. Apparently the International Standards Organization people are not very smart and/or don’t know the first thing about music. Why didn’t they start the numbering with “A” instead of “C”? That’s VERY confusing, and totally un-intuitive. The web page I found with the information even admitted it.
Oh well, now I know.