[SOLVED) Midi mute issues (certain notes on the grid/graph)

On making the bass guitar layer and the drum layer by punching it on the drum pad for the drums and using the virtual touchscreen keys for bass. Certains notes are not playing, and are muted, even though it is shown as “played” but no sound is produced. Hence on playing the recorded track/layer, some notes on the grid/graph does not produce any sound. However, if i move the layer to some other space a little bit, it plays.


Sounds to me like the the chosen polyphony setting is too low.

  • Please go to “Setup/Audio”
  • Increase “Polyphony” value (e.g. 48 or 64)

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much…it really helped me out…Thank You once again…

Hi dipuguitar,

Thanks for your reply.
Happy to hear it helped to solve the problem.