[Solved] MIDI output to external sound modules.

Update: Thanks to benwiggy’s reply. I didn’t notice that this function is now available in Dorico Pro 2.

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Considering that the size of a Dorico project file is mostly determined by the VST instruments used in the project, I am expecting that one day Dorico could use external midi output to utilize external hardware sound modules. This also boosts up the loading speed of a Dorico project.

You can already use external MIDI output. That’s what the “MIDI Instruments” in Play mode are for.

Are you sure that a document’s size relates to the VSTs used?

Certainly a good deal of the size of a project file relates to the data saved by the various VST instruments and effects in use in the project. Projects that use NotePerformer are smaller than projects that use HALion Sonic SE, because NotePerformer needs to save less state in the project file.

Many thanks. I didn’t notice its presence during updates since the Dorico Pro 1.

You could always re-set a project with the Silence PlayBack Template, to see how much smaller the project file gets. However, with some pretty large projects, I’m yet to go over 10 Mb, so I doubt that the VST state data is a bottleneck for project loading.