After upgrading from cubasis 2 to 3 I am just as perplexed and disappointed as with cubasis2.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Example: I create a midi part with events (per keys or pads) only e.g. bass drum. If I add other instruments here (per recording), a new part is placed over the old one.
Question: how do I get both fused into one part, or how do I get the lower part placed upwards.
Hoped that would be easier with the 3 series

Hi veldrijder,

Thanks for your message.

These are the steps:

  • Choose “SELECT” from the sub menu bar
  • Make a long tap above the parts to be combined, and slightly move to one side to have them selected
  • Tap the “GLUE” button to combine them into one event

Here is a short clip that demonstrates the steps:

Stay healthy,

Aahhhhh thats it,
“looooonnnng tap” :slight_smile:
Mille Grazie
Vielen Dank
Merci beaucoup
Heel bedankt

Hi veldrijder,

Thanks for your reply, glad to hear it works now for you… :slight_smile:

Stay well,