[SOLVED] MIDI Record Erase MIDI Data of Measure Located Before Punch-in


I am using Yamaha PSR and have its clocked synced ( slaved) to Cubase. I recorded 7 measures using a style and made a mistake at measure 6. I set the punch in ( or cursor ) at measure 6 to rerecord from it. However, when I record from measure 6, the MIDI data on measure 5 all gets wiped out!

Attached Please find my settings on transport bar. I have also tried with punch-in, same result!

This does not happened when I do audio recording.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



What exactly happens in bar 5 after? Is the whole bat empty or some data is replaced?

Is it by purpose to replace MIDI data while recording?

The whole measure 5 gets wipes out.I figured it out!

I have the cycle turned on and had it to Override and another time Mix on Midi Cycle Record Mode on transport. That is why it was happening in Audio recording!