[SOLVED] Midi-Routing in cubasis with external keyboard

Bear with me, I’m still new to making music with an Ipad
(… did it professionally years ago with LogicPro - but thats a long time ago)

When I play a Midi-track in cubasis which has an IAA-instrument assigned to it, cubasis doesn’t seem to route the incoming Midi from my Kurzweil USB-keyboard to the Midi-out Channel, set for that track. It works with the internal cubasis keyboard (I can hear the correct instrument set to that channel in the IAA-instrument), it does not work when I play on my external keyboard. I only hear the sound coming through CoreMidi (direct connection between keyboard and instrument I guess)


  • create Midi-track in cubasis, set SampleTank as IAA
  • switch to SampleTank, set LiveMode and set piano to first instrument, bass to second etc.
  • switch back to cubasis, create new Midi-Track, No Instrument, Midi-Out to SampleTank, channel 2

In Cubasis the internal keyboard of course plays the selected bass-track (channel 2), but the external USB-keyboard still plays piano. ONLY if I would change on my keyboard to Midi-Out channel 2 it plays the bass. That clearly means cubasis doesnt route the incoming Midi to the IAA instrument.

Is that normal? Am I missing something?

I learned already that I can’t disable that direct connection (CoreMidi). I could live with that if at least I can play externally what track I select inside cubasis

Thanks again

So basically I’d like to know, who of you guys is using cubasis with an external keyboard and IAA-instruments inside cubasis … and if you use it, how is your workflow?

Hi boris2,

By default, most iOS apps receive from all CoreMIDI ports and from VirtualMIDI. Some apps, like Cubasis, allow you to select which ports should be received.

If MIDI Thru is disabled, Cubasis doesn’t forward the MIDI input, it only routes the internal keyboard and track playback to the MIDI output.
If MIDI Thru is enabled, Cubasis forwards the MIDI input to the output, without modifying anything, i.e. the output channel is ignored for MIDI Thru. This behavior will be changed in a future update.
Regarding IAA and CoreMIDI, if an IAA app is connected to Cubasis on one MIDI track, and you also send MIDI to it from another MIDI track, the latter is completely independent from IAA, it’s CoreMIDI and is directly received by the other (IAA) app, without going through IAA.

In general, we recommend AU in favour of IAA because it doesn’t require manual MIDI routing and because IAA is limited to 1 connection per app.
If you must use IAA, the best way is to disable all MIDI input except Cubasis in the IAA app and use an IAA instrument on a MIDI track. However, multiple channels with IAA instruments are not supported yet by Cubasis.

Additionally, we will have a closer look at the feature request “MIDI Thru Re-Channelize” for the next update but one.


thanks lars - that sums it up very informative.

I can live with that (try to not use IAA at all) for now. Hopefully more AU-instruments are on their way (especially SampleTank or a similar sample player - using beathawk for now), or the internal MiniSampler gets a beef-up to a full blown sample-player (like velocity dependant filter-options, more sound-libraries etc.) … I would pay for that by the way!

One more thing:
I noticed with AuriaPro you can resize and re-position the AU-window of an instrument inside Auria. Do you think that will be available with cubasis as well? Or is that already possible? …

thanks again

Hi borisb2,

As mentioned earlier, Audio Unit full screen support is on our list and will be great in terms of usability.

In regards to third party app suppliers supporting the Audio Unit standard:
I strongly suggest to let them know about your request. The more requests they recieve, the more likely they are going to think about it. It does not help to post this into the Cubasis forum - we already fully support AU… :wink:


Are there plans to fix the non-functionality of MIDI Thru on devices like the iPad Pro?

Hi mtrigoboff,

Thanks for your message.
As mentioned before, the topic will be evaluated for the next update.


hi Lars,

I am experiencing issues with non-functional Midi-Thru on my iPad 10“ (2018) as well. Seems like this issue is not just limited to the iPad Pro.

Hi dreikelvin, Hi all,

As mentioned before, MIDI Thru is planned to be addressed with the upcoming Cubasis 2.7 update.
It might be possible, that we will add a few users to the TestFlight beta program, once the feature has been implemented and pre-tested.


I knew there was this issue.
As when i record a midi track using inter app record is ok. But playback means i had to select all midi out via Routing before i could hear the recorded midi track…
10.5" pro…
I was told it could be my device…
Apple diagnostic proved it wasnt…

I hope the next update will fix these issues and others so we can get working again…

Without this finally planned 2.7 update, IAA is not useable at all in Cubasis, unless you are willing to switch a lot of midi settings manunally all the time between recording and playback, while in fact you just want to record straight. This completely destroys all recording workflow down to a hardly tolerable degree, if you depend on some IAA plugins for the majority of your projects.

As a result, this has stopped me altogether from recording whole project outlines in Cubasis. Instead, I have reduced using Cubasis down to a very limited task, for simple basic idea scetching on 2-4 tracks, where one IAA track gets channel 1 and two or three others are AU channels. All the rest of project work is done within Cubase. So if I want to work on projects mobile, I have to carry a heavy Windows 10 notebook around: not quite what I had been hoping for with the combination of iPads (meanhwile iPad Pro2 12,9) and Cubasis.

So it looks like version 2.7, despite all the other great stuff introduced in the meantime, could become more important for using Cubasis, than many other updates so far have ever been, for everyday workflow. And from my perspective, this problem should have had the by far highest development priority right from the start, compared to most other priorities. It is absolutely essential for any project work with Cubasis, as long as important plugins only support IAA.

Hi all,

MIDI thru has been refreshed in our recently released Cubasis 2.7 update: