[SOLVED] Midi transpose settings issue ??

Hi there team Cubasis.
So I just noticed something wired and don’t know if it’s a bug or supposed to be like that.
Open cubasis
Go into settings
Select keys/pad
Transpose down 12 semitones
Tap on record and record midi in C3 or C4
Open piano roll, Midi will be on C2 if you recorded C3.
Here is the video

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message.

Gave the topic a short check using MicroSonic:

  • Set Transpose to -24
  • Record C2 on the on-board keyboard (which will result in C0, due to transpose of two octaves down)
  • Tone will be played back as C0, and appears as C0 on the on-board keyboard and the MIDI editor

Seems to work as expected here.

Please give it a try and let me have your feedback.


Hi there Lars thanks for the reply. I didn’t know if it was a bug or if it works that way.
I thought that if you transpose, when I play on C3, it would show on C3 in the piano roll.
Thanks for clarifying