(Solved)Missing Presets Multiband Expander/ES

As per title , no presets in both the new Fx ?

I have presets for the MB EnvelopeShaper and Compressor; but like you, none for the MB Expander.

Looking in MediaBay, no folder showing up for the MB Expander:-
VST Sound -> Factory Content -> VST3 Presets -> Steinberg Media Technologies

No presets for the MB Expander here either. Maybe Steinberg didn’t make any? Of note, I installed with the updater rather than the full installer.

I have presets for the Multiband compressor but not the other two and i used the full installer , this is turning into a PITA

Last one tonight ,im getting fed up with this battle just to get bloody presets that should be there .
The folders show up in the media bay but they are empty .

Unfortunately there are no presets for Multiband Expander. The other Multiband plug-ins should come with presets, though.

To force an update scan of the Media Bay do the following:

  • choose ‘Load Preset…’ in the top bar of the plug-in
  • in the upcoming preset browse dialog click on the bottom left icon, which allows you to set up the window layout
  • Choose Filters and Location Tree
  • Uncheck the check-box for the plug-in in the top left, and check again

Now you should see the presets.

Thanks for the clarification, Andreas.


just a bit of a side question… is the Media Bay context dependant, ie; does the preset focus change depending on the plugin/FX selected ??

thanks in advance and hope you get your presets sorted…


Wow Thank you Andreas that worked perfectly for the ES . Are there any plans on providing presets for the Expander in the future ?

Good to hear!

Yes, we do have plans, but I can’t name a date, sorry.

Andreas, I know this post is old, and I’m assuming you might still be at Steinberg. Any further news on presets for the Multiband Expander?