[SOLVED] Mono Stereo issues with Apple Airpods

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, I discovered Cubasis 3 for iPad yesterday, coming from Logic Pro for Mac, and wanting a portable DAW to quickly mix on the go, I found Cubasis. So far so good, please be kind with me if this has already been answered.

Now to the question:
I try to mix a bunch of mono and/or stereo files with my Apple Airpods on. Cubasis sees them as mono input, which is fine, since they have a mono microphone. However all I hear in the headphones is mono too despite the fact that the output shows stereo. Panning tracks left or right has no audible effect apart from the global volume changing.

Hooking up an USB Audio Interface which has stereos in and out, and hooking a regular wired headphone to it, all is fine, I hear stereo. This is a no go for me, I do not want to take additional gear on the go. Are there any known issues with bluetooth headsets with a mono mic ? Such as the Airpods ?


Found the solution, one has to activate Bluetooth/Airplay in the settings …

Hi all,

If you run into similar issues, please learn how to connect your BT headphones and/or speakers in this topic.