[SOLVED] More room for lower zone

On my (single) monitor, Lower zone height is expandable no more than nearly 4/5 of the Project zone (i.e. 4/5 Lower Zone, 1/5 Project zone). But often I need to see, at the same time, high pitch and low pitch notes in the key editor, so the ability to expand the Lower zone a little more would be great. Why that limitation?

Found the definitive workaround:

  • open the transport panel (F2)
  • right click on it to open its context menu, and choose the Transport Buttons tool, resulting in a single-row mini transport panel containing just the transport commands;
  • superimpose that to the default transport buttons, on the bottom of the screen.

Result: since the Transport Panel is an “always on top” window, it’s now possible to open any Lower Zone Midi editor in a freely resizable separate window (arrow icon button “Open in Separate Window”) and use the superimposed Transport Buttons panel to start play, record, stop etc.

Previously, when you opened any Lower Zone Midi editor in a separate window, hitting i.e. play on the single-window transport put the editor in the background (I clarify I’m mostly talking about single monitor use), hidden by the Main Project Window (quite irritating to me, so I put the above feature request as a partial workaround).

Conversely, since the superimposed transport is a single-row panel, it takes the exact space occupied by the default transport buttons, and doesn’t hide any other useful UI element.

All that is also especially useful with the List Editor, not available in the lower zone yet.

Lastly, that’s still a workaround, I think the lower Transport Zone should be “Always On Top”.

Forgot to mention that all the above is for Cubase Pro. In C. Elements you don’t have the Transport Buttons tool. You have the Main Transport tool though. That’s similar, but on a two-rows arrangement.

Here you are what I’m talking about. Note the opened in a separate window key editor, and the mini transport panel superimposed to the standard one in the project lower zone: