[SOLVED]'Move Vertically' - broken behaviour

  1. Rubber band several Automation nodes (I used Volume on an Audio Track)
  2. Hover to the left or right of top center, of the grey-box that’s created (double-arrow appears, Tool-tip reads ‘Move Vertically’)
  3. Click and drag to adjust up or down

Notice the Automation nodes are moved in a ‘relative scaled’ manner to each other (the same result as clicking and dragging at the top center of the grey-box - Tool-tip reads ‘Scale Vertically’).

Here’s a *.gif showing that there is no difference between the two methods:-
Move Vertically = Scale Vertically.gif
(it loops twice round then stops)

[EDIT] _There is a difference between the two methods… Just not the one I expected - see below… :slight_smile:


erroneous info deleted…

Just started watching Greg Ondo’s latest Cubase ‘hangout’ session

This is, I believe, how the volume automation data in the *.gif I posted in my OP, should also be working…
Move Vertically = correct behaviour.gif

[EDIT] _- however, I am wrong. see below…

I didn’t get the issue, but if you want move something absolutely you can use status bar and change values there.


Mate, but volume is exponential measure from 0 to -∞

There’s no such behavior for panner or other CC where range is 0 to 127 e.g. linear

Thanks for your patience/input @soundpeaks_net

I understand about volume data; I thought about that, but took it that ‘Moving Vertically’ would somehow ignore that and simply move the whole set of values as one, like we see with the Modulation data example in the Key Editor. Yes, I know its a different type of data; my stubbornness wasn’t letting me accept they should be treated differently.

In the meantime, I went and re-read the manual:-
3. Scale Vertically - If you click in the middle of the upper border of the editor, you can scale the curve vertically. This allows you to raise or lower the event values of the curve in percent.
4. Move Vertically - If you click on the upper border of the editor, you can move the entire curve vertically. This allows you to raise or lower the values of the event values of the curve.

Summary:- in the case of volume automation, you can adjust the selected nodes by either a percentage value or, by adding/subtracting a specific value to them (logarithmically).

I think I better close this one out… :wink: