[SOLVED] moving midi tracks with signature and tempo

Hi All,

I’m working on a piece that has four time signature and five tempo changes. I’ve decided to add and little intro bit, so I went to the beginning of the piece and try the insert silence command from the edit> range menu but it’s grayed out. I can select all and drag everything to the right but the time signature and tempo changes don’t move which of course, screws everything up. Is there a way to do this without having to move the signatures and tempos manually?


cubase studio 5.2.2; windows 7 64 bit

You need to set the Locators to the length/ bars you want to add.

If you want the time signature and tempo changes to move, I think it´s best to use the “process bars” function in the tempo track editor.

Thanks for the quick replies. The process bars function seems to be cubase only and I’m using cubase studio. The insert silence function did the trick. Thanks to the both of you!

Strange, I was sure you had “Cubase 5.5.2” in your info before, otherwise I hadn´t posted this… Yes it´s Cubase only…