[SOLVED] Moving slurs in Engrave mode

Sometimes the arc of a slur looks just fine, and I just need to move it up or down. Intuitively, and after a few tries, there currently seems to be no way of selecting a whole slur and moving all its control points at once. Am I doing this wrong, or is such possibility yet to be implemented?

(Input is flowing really well, now that I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s amazing how baffled I’m at while in Engrave mode. Just goes to show how little excuse I’ve had to use it thus far!)

Just grab the slur by its body without clicking on any of its handles and either drag it or using Alt+up/down arrow (hold Ctrl for larger steps).

A-ha, there it is. I guess the absence of a “main” handle, familiar from Sibelius, put me off the right track. Cheers!