Cubasis will not record audio directly from my MOXF8. The synth is connected via a sub lead with a lightning connector. I can record midi tracks but not audio directly.


can you provide us with all info about your setup like iPad, iOS Version etc.?


The iPad is an iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.02. The MOXF8 has the latest firmware installed plus the latest steinberg drivers. The cable is attached through the USB port which is labelled to host and the cable is the one which came with the MOXF8. I use the Lightning camera attachment to link the usb cable to the iPad. I set the MOXF8 to the 2 StereoRec mode with direct monitor switch set to A/D In&Part to on and Part to on. The midi switch was set to Local Control and it was synced to internal and the sequence control to in/out. The midi in/out setting was set to use and I tried using voice and also performance mode to inpu sound. I also tried the various quick settings on the MOXF8.

Thanks for responding.

Thanks for all the info… I will investigate on this issue for you and get back asap!


Hi Jc1,

Please follow the steps described in the video tutorial to configure your MOXF for the connection to the iPad (or iPhone):


Once configured as described, the setup allowed me to:

  • Use the MOXF keyboard to trigger (and record) Cubasis’ instruments (MIDI track)
  • Record MOXF sounds to an audio track in Cubasis*
  • Record instruments connected to the A/D Inputs of the MOXF to an audio track in Cubasis*
  • Make sure the audio inputs signal to be recorded is properly configured in the “Routing” tab of the Cubasis inspector (by tapping the small number below “Mono input”)
  • To record audio signals connected to the MOFX in Cubasis it is required to activate the A/D inputs section via on/off button located top left

Please let me know if further information is required.


Thanks, Lars, that was very helpful. Does the Yamaha reference manual for the MOXF8 now include an explanation of this important information? Is there some Easy way to switch from the settings for Cubasis back to Cubase AI7 and vice versa?

All the best John C

Hi Jc1,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad to hear you’re up and running.

Please have a look at Yamaha’s website regarding the available sources for the MOXF8: Yamaha Downloads

Please let me have more details about your request to switch Cubasis / Cubase settings more easily.


Last time I used Cubase the channel setting was for 4 channels. To access Cubasis this was changed to 2 channels and that is the setting on power on for the MOXF8. I know how to reverse the channel settings the long way round but wondered whether there was a shortcut, or maybe I don’t need 4 channels for Cubase?

All the best John C

Hi John,

Thanks for providing more details.

I’m sorry but I do not have too much details on the MOXF8 and tested the case with Cubasis only.
I’d suggest to get in touch with Yamaha about the topic.

Hope that helps,