[SOLVED] Multiband Compressor issue.

This a strange one for me. Bare in mind I’m pretty new to this stuff.
I’m in a project with Acc guitar plugged in and some inserts running including Cubase Multiband Compressor. All sweet do some recording then got dragged away and left everything set up and running. Trouble is my laptop was unplugged from mains and ran out of power. Come back to dead screen. Have to restart Laptop and now when ever I add the Multi Compressor as an insert, to any project it has a huge delay/latency issue. Nothing else is affected. All other inserts, compressors etc are fine, no latency so I know Buffer is no issue. It’s like the Multiband Compressor has been corrupted some how.
Any ideas?

Yeah, certainly could be that the .vst for Multiband is corrupt! You might be lookng at an uninsatll/reinstall.

First, try:

  1. Proper restart from Start menu/Apple logo
  2. Try opening your project from one of its backup files (.bak)
  3. If Windows, try a system restore

If on Mac, you might be able to get the original .vst file from the installer by right-clicking on the package file and choosing “Show package contents”

BTW: Always a good idea to make a signature that lists your rig’s specifications (ie, OS, hardware)

Hi goosecat,

nothing to worry about here, nothing is gone corrupt and nothig happened when your laptop run out of power. The Multiband Compressor induces a rather large latency of his own and it can’t be avoided. You have probably just realized this after that incident, but it has always been that way.


Really! I guess I must have been direct monitoring from my 2i2 and them playing back the recording, not monitoring through the project. Not the way I remember it but I was experimenting with a heap of different inserts and effects (learning), so I guess it must be.
Looks like I wont be able to monitor through the track while recording with anything utilising the Multiband Compressor as an insert. I’d be interested to know why the other compressors don’t induce such latency but the Multiband does (Is it just because it’s processing a lot more?).
Thx for easing my mind.

WORD! +1

Took me a while well to figure this one, but that Steinberg MBC guy can really suck the cpu juice.

Perhaps that is why is sounds so clean (very lil colour) when doing its job.

So for me now the Steiny MBC only gets loaded in the final stage(s) of the project.

Good Luck!

I find this odd. I use the MBC most often to quickly obtain a “radio voice” effect. Just two days ago, I tracked the talent live, while monitoring through Cubase—no major latency issues to speak of.

Funny you say that. I was sure I was monitoring through the track whilst playing live and testing various different insert sounds and I was sure the Multiband was fine. Tech support says otherwise and that there is an unavoidable latency so I must be mistaken. I do recall switching between track monitor and direct monitor on occasions so there’s every chance he’s right and I just hadn’t noticed.
It’s not a huge issue as I usually record via direct monitor anyway and then listen back, back I am a little confused now.
Was I monitoring it without latency or not? Hmmm.
Guess I have to go with Tech supports view.

Tech support has popped on to my issue posts before, to declare that my issue is not an issue, out-of-hand.

Sorry, but I simply reject what support wrote.

I tracked through the MBC, with three other inserts on that track, and, not only that, but I had four other identical tracks (minus the MBC), AND all while Constrain Delay was active. My singer tracked wonderfully and performance was perfect. At 128kb buffers. I was not Direct Monitoring.

And you were monitoring through it before as well. Now, suddenly you can’t. Obviously, something went wrong when your pc shut down. And that’s always a possibility when the proper shutdown procedure isn’t done.

I say try to restore your system, or uninstall/reinstall.

Hmm. Well I’m not the most gifted person tech wise. System restores in the past for me have involved going back and losing information/programs. Not sure it would sort out what sounds like a Cubase MBC issue.
Assuming you’re correct I think the only answer might be to uninstall Cubase7.5 and re-install.
Just for this tech challenged individual. If I decide to uninstall and reinstall do I need to worry about my projects and where they are stored? Will I have any registration issues, given I’ve already used the various code numbers that come with the product for original registration.
I can just see it maybe becoming a headache.
I’ll give it some thought.

I’ve reinstalled Cubase several times. Your license is on the USB dongle, so there’s nothing for you to do in that department.
Your projects all reside in their own folders and will be safe (as long as they’re not in some Cubase system folder! But why would they be?)
Not sure if, on a pc, you lose your presets or not. You can Google how to save those.

OK Thx

Actually - it may have nothing to do with cubase at all; weird things can happen to windows when pc’s shut-down unexpectantly (like, due to a power loss). You might want to run disk check just to ensure windows itself is ok.


Multiband compressors work by looking ahead and managing the incoming signal. This means that they cannot work without a degree of latency. I have few multibands and they all introduce significant latency. My suggestion would be to record with a normal compressor and switch to a multiband on playback. They are not meant to operate in real time and are a post production tool.

a agree with Luis Dongo. Nothing abnormal.
Since this is working on multiple bands at the same thim this adds a lot of latency due to this processing which is normal.

A way of working without midi-latency is when you need to edit the track, when it really does need to be there already in the creative stage, is to use the constraint delay compensation button or just bypass the effect for a moment.

E.g. Use the button while the multiband compressor is on screen. See the constraint is in fact bypassing the MBC when constraint is “on” and latency falls back to the previous low levels. Once you’re done, swith it back of, and (after adding the latency needed for the processing) everything is back being MBC’ed.

kind regards,

OK. I’ve checked disc, system restored, uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase and the latency is still there. I’m going with Tech supports view. I must have originally switched out of track monitor into direct or (learning as I go) hit the constrain delay button which bypassed the MBC.
Thx all

Hi Roel.

unfortunately not entirely true. Bypassing the Plugin won’t get rid of the latency, you have to actually deactivate it or turn it off. Constrain Delay Compensation does that for you though, so that is the best option.

Hope this helps.


Hi Luis,
Thx for the help. I noticed the latency was still in play when I had the MBC listed in the inserts but bypassed. That confused me ( I’ve bypassed it but the latency remains, what tha!). Your above answers that. I guess the signal is still routed through the MBC so the latency remains but the audio is muted ?
Thx again,


Tx for the correction. Bypassing keeps the MBC plugin active indeed. So the system keeps the needed latency in to account for that track, even when the audio signal itself bypasses the plugin.
Will take that in to consideration for the next post on the forum.

kind regards,